Last Minute Hotel Deals from Marriott Website?

Marriott is one of my favorite hotel chains.  I like the space available in the Residence Inn brand, and the business setup of the Courtyard brand.  Sometimes I need a last minute hotel deal, this can come about because of a last minute business meeting, or sometimes a last minute switch in vacation plans with the family.  In a situation like this, I’ve often wondered when I should book the hotel room. Should I book as soon as I know I need something (4 or 5 days in advance), should I wait until the day before, or should I wait to book on the actual day I need the hotel? I assume that every hotel brand must have their own strategy on how to set and adjust prices in the last week before a stay.  Because I like Marriott hotels, I decided to do some research on last minute hotels deals at Marriott.  For my mini study I decided to study some hotels in a very busy area, for this I selected the San Francisco Airport area, and a relatively quiet area, the Syracuse New York area.

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