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Last Minute Hotel Deals from Marriott Website?

Marriott is one of my favorite hotel chains.  I like the space available in the Residence Inn brand, and the business setup of the Courtyard brand.  Sometimes I need a last minute hotel deal, this can come about because of a last minute business meeting, or sometimes a last minute switch in vacation plans with the family.  In a situation like this, I’ve often wondered when I should book the hotel room. Should I book as soon as I know I need something (4 or 5 days in advance), should I wait until the day before, or should I wait to book on the actual day I need the hotel? I assume that every hotel brand must have their own strategy on how to set and adjust prices in the last week before a stay.  Because I like Marriott hotels, I decided to do some research on last minute hotels deals at Marriott.  For my mini study I decided to study some hotels in a very busy area, for this I selected the San Francisco Airport area, and a relatively quiet area, the Syracuse New York area.

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Hotel Tonight – Best Last Minute Hotel Deals?

Hotel Tonight is a well known last minute hotel deal app. It allows last minute travellers to get discounted rates on popular hotels. It started out as a booking app that literally allowed you to book a “hotel for tonight”.  Recently it’s expanded to allow users to reserve hotels farther in advance,  I am new to the app so I wanted to do a little research to see how Hotel Tonight stacked up against the big boys – Expedia, Hotwire and the actual hotel’s websites.  Remember Hotel Tonight only offers a limited number of hotels in each city. It has no where near the variety that would be offered by a site like Expedia. But it does offer a number of well known names such as Hyatt, Westin, Hilton, Holiday Inn etc.

Hotel Tonight San Francisco Search

The results of my research were not all that encouraging.  Hotel Tonight did have the best price in some cases, but not by much.  I would have expected a company that specializes in last minute hotel deals to have bigger savings over the traditional hotel booking sites.  In fact, in many cases, the best price was not found on Hotel Tonight, but was instead found on the actual hotel’s website. Last minute hotel deal prices quoted below were for the night of April 30, 2018.

Hotel Tonight for Las Vegas

Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino

  • Hotel Tonight – $32
  • Expedia – $32
  • Hotwire – $32
  • Rio website – $32

MGM Grand Las Vegas

  • Hotel Tonight – $77
  • Expedia – Not available
  • Hotwire – Not available
  • MGM Grand Website – $85

Hotel Tonight for San Francisco Airport

Westin San Francisco Airport

  • Hotel Tonight – $230
  • Expedia – $229
  • Hotwire – $229
  • Westin website – $224* Starwood Preferred Guest member rate

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

  • Hotel Tonight – $209
  • Expedia – $209
  • Hotwire – $209
  • Hyatt Website – $189* Rate available to World of Hyatt members

Hotel Tonight for Orlando

The Villages of Grand Cypress

  • Hotel Tonight – $171
  • Expedia – $339
  • Hotwire – $339
  • Grand Cypress website – $399

Hilton Garden Inn Orlando at Seaworld

  • Hotel Tonight – $96
  • Expedia – $99
  • Hotwire – $99
  • Hilton Website – $97* rate available to HHonours members

I think it’s worth checking the Hotel Tonight app,  as in some cases they did offer the best last minute hotel deal.  In fact, for one of the hotels, The Villages of Grand Cypress in Orlando, their price was significantly lower than the other options.  But I would also check the actual hotel website, especially for the chains like Marriott, Hilton, Weston, Hyatt etc as they now have good pricing for their member programs.  It doesn’t cost anything to join programs like Marriott Rewards, World of Hyatt etc, so it is worth joining these programs just to get access to the special rates.

So I am keeping the Hotel Tonight app on my phone.  What’s your opinion?

Cheap Hotels – Comparing Hotel Prices of Trivago vs

With their famous “Trivago guy” commercials, most people are familiar with Trivago, the website that can be used to search for cheap hotels from different sources.  Trivago is owned by Expedia Group, which seems like a conflict of interest.  Trivago is supposed to be a independent hotel comparison tool, but most of the hotel booking sites listed on Trivago are also owned by Expedia Group (for instance, Expedia, Venere etc). But let’s put that aside and see how Trivago performs in terms of  find the best  hotel prices.

When you do a search on Trivago, it compares hotel booking site prices with the prices offered on the hotel chain websites, like I’ve recently been using Trivago to compare hotel pricing of Trivago vs

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Cheaps Hotels – Comparing Hotel Prices of Trivago vs

People looking for cheap hotels often turn to the Trivago website.  Trivago started out as a German website, but is now owned by Expedia, which puts Trivago into a bit of a conflict of interest.  Trivago is supposed to be a independent hotel comparison tool, but it’s owner, Expedia Group, also owns a number of the hotel booking sites listed on Trivago (for instance, Expedia, Venere etc). But let’s put that aside for now and look at how to get cheap hotels.

When you do a search for a hotel on Trivago, it compares the prices offered on the hotel sites, like versus the prices offered on the hotel booking sites like, etc. I’ve been doing some research on Trivago to see how the pricing on a hotel website, like,  compares to the hotel booking sites on Trivago. Let’s look at the results to see where to get cheap hotels.

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iSomnus – What’s in a name?

In case you are wondering where our name came from, Somnus is the Roman God of Sleep.  It is a Latin word and it means to sleep or to dream.  In Roman mythology, Somnus was typically seen as a young man with wings on his head.  He was kind and gentle and would fly around with a horn pouring sleep and pleasant dreams on those who needed it.

Let’s be clear, we are not experts in Latin or in Roman mythology.  We just wanted a unique name that represented the aims of our website.  Our goal at iSomnus is to help you find a good nights sleep and we wanted you to be able to figure out exactly what you were getting when you booked your home away from home.