Lake Placid Visit and Whiteface Lodge Review – Including Hotel Floor Plan

Need a break and think of heading to the Adirondacks in New York?.  Friends told me that Lake Placid is a great place to do some cycling and hiking.  I did some quick research and Whiteface Lodge was consistently listed as one of the top hotels in the Adirondacks.  I double checked with TripAdvisor and it was listed as the #2 hotel in the Lake Placid area.  So I thought I should give it a try.  It’s more expensive than a typical hotel room, but the rooms are more like suites.  Prices usually start in the high $200s for a Junior One Bedroom Suite, up go up to close to $900 for the Grand Lodge three bedroom suite.  We went mid week in May, so we got a bit of a deal, we reserved a Deluxe One Bedroom Suite for about $300 / night.

We loved our stay at the Lodge.  The hotel is extremely well run and has all the amenities needed for a great couples weekend, or family vacation.

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iSomnus – Unique Information on Hotel Rooms

Ever been disappointed when you walked into your hotel room?

Ever have a trip start off on the wrong foot because something was wrong in your room?

Ever wake up in your room wishing you were back in your comfortable home bedroom?

Here at iSomnus we’ve all felt that way one time or another. That’s why we started this site. We want to provide the best information on hotels, hotel rooms and hotel bookings so you won’t have to suffer through those painful moments. This is information that is not available anywhere else on the Internet, and certainly not on hotel websites or the big booking sites. The objectives of those sites is to get you to book a room as quickly as possible, and to collect the most money possible.

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How to Use Hopper App to Search for Cheap Hotels

The Hopper app is a great tool when you want to fly somewhere, and you want to know when to buy your ticket. Airline prices fluctuate over time and it’s hard to know if you should buy a ticket way in advance, or if you should wait closer to your departure date. The Hopper app does a good job of helping with this.

Now Hopper has added support for hotel searches and booking. Unfortunately, the app is not as easy to use for hotels. It’s a bit confusing. I’ve included step by step instructions below to help you use the Hopper app to search for cheap hotels.

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