5 of the Quietest Hotels in North America

You’re dead tired so you head to your hotel room hoping to catch a good night’s sleep because you have an early morning meeting. You fall sound asleep and wake to the buzz of the alarm, sprint into the shower, and dress only to realize that it’s only 4:00 a.m., a couple of hours before your intended wake-up! The buzzer you heard was in the room next door.

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Top 3 Family Resorts in Arizona

Arizona reminds everyone of the Grand Canyon,  the mile-deep chasm carved by the Colorado River. But there are other reasons besides the Grand Canon to visit Arizona.  Millions of travellers visit the state each year to enjoy its spectacular landscape, exotic Navajo heritage, and lovely sunny warm climate.

Arizona offers numerous family-friendly activities and kid-friendly resorts. Here’s a sampling of three excellent family resorts in Arizona. These could be your next destination if you’re looking for fun in the sun!

1# Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Located in Scottsdale, this versatile Spanish colonial-inspired resort can function as a family escape, or as a romantic weekend. Kids keep themselves busy with waterpark-style slides, group sports, crafts, and the free-form lagoon pool, while you and your partner sneak away to the Willow Stream Spa, golf courses, or the award-winning restaurants.

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Top 3 Family Resorts in California

Home to sunny weather, sandy beaches, first-rate amusement parks, and snowy mountains, California offers everything you need when planning a family getaway. There is no lack of first-class accommodations, and many of them are family-friendly. From San Diego to Anaheim and Lake Tahoe, you’ll find beaches, amazing wilderness, attractions ,and ski resorts dotted across the state.

Here are short reviews of three of the best family resorts in California.

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Top 3 Family Resorts in Orlando

Orlando is literally the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’. The abundance of theme parks in the city attracts numerous families each year from around the world. But, what does everyone do when the parks are closed? Well, the ‘City Beautiful’ has a plethora of resorts that cater to children and they have everything to keep you and your kids fully entertained.  If you are planning a family trip soon, consider these Orlando family resorts.

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Wellness Abounds: Your Guide to the Best Wellness and Yoga Retreats On Big Sur and in Santa Barbara

When the 9-to-5 grind goes from invigorating to wearying, and the buzz of a cellphone notification feels more like an electric shock than a cheerful buzz, where does one turn? Well, if one is on the central coast of California (or fancies themselves a West-coast traveler), there is an abundance of options. From yoga retreats to wellness centers, both Santa Barbara and Big Sur are landmark locations for getting away from the trials of our hectic modern world and turning the dial up on a little well-deserved “me time.” So, if you are interested in turning an “ugh” to an “ohm” or just having an excuse to turn your cellphone off for a few days, look no further than these choice destinations.

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