How to Use Hopper App to Search for Cheap Hotels

The Hopper app is a great tool when you want to fly somewhere, and you want to know when to buy your ticket. Airline prices fluctuate over time and it’s hard to know if you should buy a ticket way in advance, or if you should wait closer to your departure date. The Hopper app does a good job of helping with this.

Now Hopper has added support for hotel searches and booking. Unfortunately, the app is not as easy to use for hotels. It’s a bit confusing. I’ve included step by step instructions below to help you use the Hopper app to search for cheap hotels.

Hopper home screen

You start your hotel search on the same page as you start the flight search. But instead of typing in your hotel destination city at the top of the page, you need to select one of the cities shown as you scroll down the screen. I guess this is because Hopper is currently only supporting certain cities for their hotel feature, but it would be easier if I could just select the hotel destination city from a dropdown.

Once I click on a city I can either scroll down through a number of options like Last Minute Deals, Our Favourites, or Browse All Hotels. At this point I can also select the “Choose Dates” banner at the bottom of the screen.

Hopper hotel search by date

At the top of the Hopper Choose Dates screen you will see the ballpark pricing for different days in the next few months (represented by the colors green, orange and red). Like their flights option, this pricing information is based on their analysis of a massive database of hotel prices. Based on all the pricing information they have, Hopper will predict when you can get the cheapest hotel prices. After you choose your dates, Hopper will display a number of hotel categories and individual hotels with prices.

Once you select a category you can scroll down through the hotels, but it is easier to view these on the Hopper hotel map. Finding the Map option is not very intuitive, but you will see a small “Map” option at the top of the page.

Map option available at top of screen

If I select Browse all Hotels and then click Map I see the following screen:

Hopper map option

On this map page I can see all the hotels available, and it has a nice feature that allows me to scroll through the hotels available by swiping on the Hotel choices at the bottom of the screen.

Once I select a hotel I am interested in, I can see pictures and videos of the rooms.  If I scroll to the bottom I can see a price comparison of the Hopper hotel price versus other hotel booking sites like Expedia and Hopper says their hotel prices are always better. I’ve checked a few and this seems to be true. I also compared the price to the actual hotel website and it seems Hopper can also beat that price. In the case of the Doubletree Suites by Hilton Anaheim shown in the screenshot, the Hilton website was currently showing a price of $209,  which was above the $183 Hopper price.

Hopper hotel price screen

Hope this helps you use the Hopper app to search for cheap hotels.

If you’re looking to book for a California vacation, have a look at this California 3 week vacation and it’s hotel suggestions.

Good luck in your hotel search!

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