iSomnus – Unique Information on Hotel Rooms

Ever been disappointed when you walked into your hotel room?

Ever have a trip start off on the wrong foot because something was wrong in your room?

Ever wake up in your room wishing you were back in your comfortable home bedroom?

Here at iSomnus we’ve all felt that way one time or another. That’s why we started this site. We want to provide the best information on hotels, hotel rooms and hotel bookings so you won’t have to suffer through those painful moments. This is information that is not available anywhere else on the Internet, and certainly not on hotel websites or the big booking sites. The objectives of those sites is to get you to book a room as quickly as possible, and to collect the most money possible.

There are a lot of sites offering a wealth of information on the best travel options for a particular country or city. We won’t try to repeat that information here at iSomnus. At iSomnus we’re here to provide those critical pieces of information you can’t find elsewhere, that helps you maximize your hotel experience. Information like:

1. Knowing which hotel fits your needs. Maybe you are looking for a pet friendly hotel, one that doesn’t aggravate your allergies, one that satisfies your need for a green planet, or something else that really matters to you.

2. Knowing information about the hotel rooms. Information that helps you select the best room, one that matches your ideal requirements and will make your stay enjoyable.

3. Knowing how to get great value on a hotel room. We don’t want you to find out that you could have reserved your room at a lower price.

We’re not here to build another review site. There are numerous review sites already out there. We’re here to provide information so you don’t have to read every review out there to get the information you need.

We look forward to hearing what you think as we move forward.

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